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Hey there-- Can you guys

Hey there--

Can you guys also add Dog Eared Records?

We're a wildly eclectic netlabel based in Mexico.


Hi all, Can you also add

Hi all,

Can you also add Rack & Ruin records please:

We mainly focus on Experimental, Ambient, Indiepop, although we do have quite a varied sound.

We are running a new

We are running a new Netlabel, can you add Qubit please?

Album: Electric Lime
Label: Qubit
Format: mp3-320 kbps/ Ogg Vorbis-350 kbps
Catalog: qbs-01
Year: July 2008


Thank you!!!!!

Please add R&R Netlabel:

Please add R&R Netlabel: hhtp://

20 free metal albums & eps and counting!


hi, we only promote

hi, we only promote netlabels that publish under the Creative Commons license. Sorry, ...
free netlabel, info site, podcasts, news. finest techno music from Russia!

greetz... can you add


can you add oneLoop, please?
We are an Indonesia based indietronica netlabel since January 2008.

big thanks!

Hi, this is our new netlabel

Hi, this is our new netlabel from italy:
can you add us to the list?

Hello Can you add the french

Can you add the french netlabel : FRESH POULP RECORDS

Thx a lot :)

Hi, can you add the netlabel


can you add the netlabel ON-Mix media ( ) , a Dutch Netlabel Since 2005.


Hello , can you add the

Hello ,

can you add the netlabel auflegware , Netlabel Since 2006 . There are some Tracks in the minimal top 100 from us .. e.g. steve devot # kleinstadtliebe , norman creed # offshore ....

Thanks a lot

Hello, would you be able to

Hello, would you be able to add netlabel "Identical Records"? idm, ambient, 80's synth, industrial, noise, electro, synthpop. New netlabel since January 2008.

Hi! can you add "Pulsations

can you add "Pulsations For You" netlabel, please?

Our release
Sasha Ponkratov - Kaleidoscope (ep, Pulsations For You, puls02)
is the first in the
"Most Downloaded Items
Last Month"
list on

Hi! can you add Muertepop

can you add Muertepop records, please?
We are a netlabel since january 2007, and will be a cdr label to from january 2008.

we are on archive too. =)


Brazilian netlabel for copyleft open-minded, experimental, deep, soundtracky music!

Additional links:

Can you add, please?
Greetings from the tropics!

Is possible to insert our

Is possible to insert our netlabel? is a no-profit Italian netlabel which publishes on the web musical works released under
Creative Commons Licenses. was born in September 2005 and now has a catalogue of over 30 titles of albums, ep,
compilations of international artists available for free download in digital audio format along with the
printable cover arts.
The network offers us the possibility to reach almost every corner of the globe where someone has a
computer connected to internet. is not focalized in a particular musical genres, but has a catalogue of various musical
styles. From more experimental music to orchestral music, through to pop music, rock and electronic stuff.
Our goal is to give back dignity and value to the art setting it free from the ties of markets and logic of
business. We want to be freedom of expression, freedom of diffusion, freedom of distribution.

pressroom AT



netlabel for copyleft noise