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Top 25 to move

Our current rating system is quite primitive (0-5 stars). The lists show 5-star songs with the most recent additions on top.
  1. Boo Boo Song by Francisco Pinto (Eurodisco)
  2. deep thought by auto pilot (Pop)
  3. spoon full of sugar by auto pilot (Pop)
  4. Another day in the sun by Crystal Clear (Pop)
  5. Moscow By Plane by La Fresto (Rock)
  6. Theta Sigma (Remix) by Z-Arc (Electro)
  7. Milonga Triste by La Nueva Guardia (Pop)
  8. Yira Yira by La Nueva Guardia (Pop)
  9. Burdel by La Nueva Guardia (World)
  10. Late in Time by March Rosetta (Pop)
  11. Landscape by March Rosetta (New Wave)
  12. Saft by K.I.R. (Progressive House)
  13. tio by lillehorn (Deep House)
  14. Sad Robot by Pornophonique (Pop)
  15. M.P.M.P.S.S.M by U.M.M. (EBM)
  16. Mulher da Vida by U.M.M. (EBM)
  17. Triangle by Francisco Pinto (Electro)
  18. Lluvia de Truenos by Francisco Pinto (Pop)
  19. No Way Out by Melmono (Eurodisco)
  20. Gimme by Christine (Pop)
  21. You're Not Going Anywhere by Brad Sucks (Pop)
  22. Elephant Haunting Season by Humeka (IDM)
  23. They Said September by The Fold (IDM)
  24. D_Baile by Urb (IDM)
  25. Cruise Control by Azoora (Pop)