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basta pasta!


Because of the 30th anniversary of Radio Scorpio, our host, there will be a spaghetti-evening for all the sympathisants. Netwaves collected some crucial pasta songs. Benvenuti a tutti!
Download or listen to [nws094] Netwaves 3.18.


01. Morning Espresso - enLounge
02. No Problem - Dubnoodles
03. Dependency 6 Where your food is made - Pellarin
04. Healthy Food - Antonio Mazzitelli
05. Sokoban - Starch Boy
06. sandy point - Grandma
07. spaghetti techno - KiloWatts
08. ravioli rave - KiloWatts
09. slowfood - Colektro
10. Sardinia - Number Six
11. The Wine Of Youth - Code 314 & Mathias B

Los idiotas


have a nice weekend!


Time for a peaceful dubtech tune: Paul Brtschitsch & Cio D’Or - Ginger [Broque-LP15], VJ Heiligenblut.

CC steps in the spotlights


From the CC headquarters: "YouTube just made an incredibly exciting announcement: it’s testing an option that gives video owners the ability to allow downloads and share their work under Creative Commons licenses. ...
Many video creators on YouTube want their work to be seen far and wide. They don’t mind sharing their work, provided that they get the proper credit. Using Creative Commons licenses, we’re giving our partners and community more choices to make that happen. Creative Commons licenses permit people to reuse downloaded content under certain conditions."

Youtube blog

Netwaves' new fresh topbits


Netwaves brings last month's recommendations to the netaudio lover. Radio Scorpio's 30th anniversary starts this weekend with a "30 hour for 30 year Radio Scorpio" DJ-run. If you live in Belgium or neighbourhood, come and visit us in café AperO at the .
Download or listen to [nws093] Netwaves 3.17.


01. last broadcast - Younnat
02. Jellyfish - El Zoológico
03. Savasana - Trills
04. mekkon digeat - ENV(itre)
05. d#g - Huron
06. Chica Hermosa (Robok Mix) - Rolancho
07. Body Flashin - Blit
08. Rollin' - I vs. Nature
09. Noah's Ark - Mat's
10. Track - Aydio
11. La Belleza Esta Siendo Convulsiva En Este Mismo Momento - Tonossepia
12. shatterscape (after the aftermath) - Zephir Nova
13. Le Voyage De Leo - Echo Lali

30 uur voor 30 jaar Scorpio


De Leuvense vrije zender Radio Scorpio bestaat 30 jaar.
Op vrijdag 13 februari om middernacht begint een resem dj's aan een
heroïsche ondernemeing.
Samen brengen ze in café AperO (Oude Markt 52) een onafgebroken set
van maar liefst 30 uur.
De laatste platendraaier zwaait af op zondagochtend 15 februari om 6 uur.
Het is het eerste feestje van de jarige radiozender.

Hieronder vinden jullie de line up van de Dj-run:

0u-3u Concrete Jungle The Nitrous (D&B - winnaar 45 toeren)
3u-5u Wave Transmission (techno)
5u-8u Electric Royal (electro)
8u-10u Club 106 (house)
10u-12u Netwaves (lounge, chill)
12u-14u dUnk (fusion)
14u-16u Cult of the 13th hour (dubstep, minimal)
16u-18u Volksradio Moos (soul, funk)
18u-20u Dakka Dakka (guitar)
20u-22u Funtime (guitar)
22u-24u Big Bout Yah (reggae)
0u-2u Concrete Jungle Etnik & Fuzz
2u-3u Netwaves bpm Captain Interceptor (electro)
3u-6u Netwaves bpm RuE9 (minimal)

fresh tunes from the netlabel scene


Netwaves plays fresh tunes* from the netlabel scene.

* Due to a technical mystery, the last 13 minutes were missing! i have reconstructed this block with the original tunes, though without Jan's comment.

Download or listen to Netwaves 3.16 [nws092].


01. Landscape - March Rosetta
02. Triangle - Francisco Pinto
03. spoon full of sugar - auto pilot
04. Bevor Du gehst - Trondheim
05. Gone Again - Cureosh
06. Itau - SoulSonic
07. Theta Sigma (Remix) - Z-Arc
08. Sad Robot - Pornophonique
09. tio - lillehorn
10. Tomorrow All Right - Crookram
11. Milonga Triste - La Nueva Guardia
12. the journey - sombre consern
13. M.P.M.P.S.S.M. - U.M.M.

Netwaves goes AperO


Netwaves Live presenteert ism Cafe Apero
"Smart Electronics"

Netwaves goes AperO

Surf mee op eigenzinnige geluidsgolven van het www.
Netlabels staan in voor de kwaliteit, distributie en marketing van een breed gamma artiesten, meestal met een 'Creative Commons'-licentie, d.w.z. kopiëren, verspreiden en publiek spelen van deze muziek is volstrekt legaal.

Afspraak iedere woensdag van 21h00 tot 02h00 (februari tot mei 2009)
Vrije muziek, vrije inkom Cafe Aper0, Oude Markt 52, Leuven
Den AperO ligt in een hoekje van (Gmaps).

We Share Music

figs after Xmas


The 16th release on aerotone netlabel is a Xmas-song.

Release date: 24th December 2008
Music: Björn Kleinhenz
Beard: Sara Jonsson
Coverartwork: Eduardo Recife
Video: Markus Herrmann

from on .

Music for microwaves


Jspr presents the fifth recipe of the Netwaves BPM cookbook. A radioactive dinner for two, filled with analog beats and digital bleeps. From the clicks & clacks of Tinitus feat. Willow to the electric popsounds of Monomatik, this meal will make your ears go hungry for more. Warning: [nws.bpm005] may contain electricity!

Download or listen to [nws.bpm005] Music for microwaves.

foto: "CD Fireworks" by ian boyd. cc:by-nc


01. Ping Pong Andino - Tinitus feat. Willow
02. Computer Machen Einsam - Nils Hoffmann
03. By Night - Wahn
04. Sonic Line - Aquilone
05. Settetrenta - Phooka
06. Aero - Sr. Click
07. Ready Bill, Ready John - Cyclotron
08. The one with the straight bass - Monomatik
09. FB-01_#2 - Christian Björklund
10. Plankton Dub - 82nd ave
11. Chica Hermosa (Robok Mix) - Rolancho
12. 0000001' - Machine Drum
13. Evidence - Humeka
14. The one where everybody joins in - Monomatik

Yuki Yaki


Netwaves talks with Humeka who just released his "Densité matérielle" on Berlin-based netlabel Yuki Yaki.

Download or listen to [nws091] Netwaves 3.15.


01. Aimasendeshita - Cocoawildboars
02. Two Thousand Rulers - Sonictwist
03. It Sometimes Happens - Humeka
04. Hunspired - Glander
05. Analeptic Art - Humeka
06. Maison Beat Vodka - Humeka
07. Bored Of Canada - Daniel Carew
08. Until Next Time - ''82nd Ave
09. 10pint Wobble On - Adapt
10. Fiilis - Zentex
11. Orange Dying Sun - Juno6
12. Magnetic Fields - Mint

short newsies


CASH Music, the CC license using music label/creative community CC has discussed numerous times before, a wonderful new Creative Commons Portal for understanding how CC licenses can be utilized by record labels and artists.
via CC

Bandcamp, a music site that focuses on providing musicians with robust, easy-to-use, and visually pleasing artist pages, just integrated CC licensing options in to their UI.
via CC

Foodista is a new online destination for those interested in all things culinary-related. The site is divided into four sections - recipes, foods, tools and techniques - and is based around the idea that community knowledge and sharing can result in a better resource than one built by a restricted and closed group. As such, the folks behind Foodista have “developed a system to let everyone edit content to make it better rather than have multiple versions of the same recipe.” At its core, this system is based around a site-wide CC BY license.
via CC

Applejux from has put some Spanish netlabels on Google maps: if you have a netlabel, you can always contribute, and put yourself on the map.

The people from have made a compilation of "How to ..." movies. "How to Make a Political T-Shirt" and "How to Brew Beer" are my favorites.




A dutch company has developed a font, special for ecofriendly printing: the Ecofont.
The font looks like Emmenthal cheese, or like a lettertype that's been used in a Sergio Leone movie.

"Appealing ideas are often simple: how much of a letter can be removed while maintaining readability? After extensive testing with all kinds of shapes, the best results were achieved using small circles. After lots of late hours (and coffee) this resulted in a font that uses up to 20% less ink. Free to download, free to use."

The Ecofont is distributed under GPL and based upon Bitstream Vera.

via Netlabels & News

Music for hot soup and crusty bread


RuE9 takes you further on a tastfull tour among delicious recipes. As we use only the finest ingredients, gathered from the finest places, we keep trying to serve you fingerlicking food for your ears. Hoping that this musical voyage takes you to the same places where we were when making this mix.
Ingredients were all found at netlabel Mmmph.

Download or listen to [nws.bpm004]

Photo by jonesor cc:by-nc-sa.


01. Black roses - Limbo
02. Tivoli Aph - Casen
03. Poi - Tundra
04. Tell me - Plush & Jeremy Doty
05. Man without a Hannover - Russian Linesman
06. Wishbone - Charles Jordan
07. Dreaming - Velocirapture
08. The illusive big flower and grass - The Sky Patrol
09. Lunken - Strumplasten
10. Alchemy with you in mind - Fractal
11. It’s not 1967 *packman Jekyll vs. Hyde remix* - Russian Linesman
12. Ein ruhiger Platz - Limbo



And thanks to Marco Kalnenek from previous blog, we discovered that there's a netlabel dedicated to kids: "Kazoomzoom".
From their website: " is the world's first netlabel devoted to children. Our little community is making history together! The netlabel features music for kids (by kids and by cool grownups), as well as audio stories, videos, printable books and paper toys. All of it is free to stream and download.
The Kazoomzoom website and content is all created and shared by volunteers. Nothing is being sold to children.
We encourage people of all ages to add their music, stories, art and other content for kids at Illustrators, musicians, story readers and writers, toy makers and other artists choose whatever copyright system they prefer for their submissions, from full rights to public domain."

I certainly liked their "Silly Songs", "La Valise aux Mille Voyages", and " Our Corto Discorso ".

This is definitely recommended stuff for teachers and other people working with children.

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