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Top 25 to watch

Our current rating system is quite primitive (0-5 stars). The lists show 5-star songs with the most recent additions on top.
  1. Nostalgia of the Mulberry Tree by Wacky Southern Current (Post Rock)
  2. Clouds Shifting (Reprise) by Wacky Southern Current (Post Rock)
  3. the journey by sombre consern (Lounge)
  4. Hostile by Crookram (Lounge)
  5. Tomorrow All Right by Crookram (Lounge)
  6. Speranther by Shiro Takara (Industrial)
  7. Gone Again by Cureosh (Sad Electronics)
  8. Red H by Beak (Downtempo)
  9. Rondando tu Esquina by La Nueva Guardia (Slow)
  10. Itau by SoulSonic (Chill out)
  11. Percal by La Nueva Guardia (Indietronic)
  12. Second Coming by NGC 1365 (Indietronic)
  13. last broadcast by younnat (Exotica)
  14. delirious by alkor (Electronic)
  15. Day by day by Cantaloup (Minimal Pop)
  16. Bevor Du gehst by Trondheim (Indietronic)
  17. Stand and Bleed by Chromatron (Electronic)
  18. Savasana by Trills (Organitronic)
  19. You're wrong by Supertalented (Minimal Pop)
  20. Help! by Supertalented (Minimal Pop)
  21. meks1.dol by betacut (Glitch)
  22. night herb by Naono (Organitronic)
  23. Tottering Step by Shiro Takara a.k.a Ajgt (Electronic)
  24. Awkward by Kirioucha (Downtempo)
  25. Clouds Shifting by Wacky Southern Current (Post Rock)