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Top 100 all time

Our current rating system is quite primitive (0-5 stars). The lists show 5-star songs with the most recent additions on top.
  1. Boo Boo Song by Francisco Pinto (Eurodisco)
  2. Thursday Morning Waking by After The Ice (Pop)
  3. My Own God by aktivehate (EBM)
  4. 505 Flamingo Drive by Professor Kliq (Funk)
  5. Superiority Complex by Professor Kliq (Downtempo)
  6. Atrocious Camera by Figurative theatre (Electronic)
  7. Not Now by Ric Tutlo (Lounge)
  8. italian breakfast by ConTRoL [D]uplicate (Funk)
  9. Godless (extended_remix) by Maartez (Chemical Beats)
  10. I Kill Rappers by Maartez (IDM)
  11. Szeret Vize Dub by Petrovszky (Chill out)
  12. State Call At The Prison by Resn (Downtempo)
  13. Lotus by Petrovszky (Electronic)
  14. Nostalgia of the Mulberry Tree by Wacky Southern Current (Post Rock)
  15. Clouds Shifting (Reprise) by Wacky Southern Current (Post Rock)
  16. the journey by sombre consern (Lounge)
  17. deep thought by auto pilot (Pop)
  18. spoon full of sugar by auto pilot (Pop)
  19. Hostile by Crookram (Lounge)
  20. Tomorrow All Right by Crookram (Lounge)
  21. Another day in the sun by Crystal Clear (Pop)
  22. Moscow By Plane by La Fresto (Rock)
  23. Gone Again by Cureosh (Sad Electronics)
  24. Speranther by Shiro Takara (Industrial)
  25. Red H by Beak (Downtempo)
  26. Itau by SoulSonic (Chill out)
  27. Late in Time by March Rosetta (Pop)
  28. Milonga Triste by La Nueva Guardia (Pop)
  29. Theta Sigma (Remix) by Z-Arc (Electro)
  30. Percal by La Nueva Guardia (Indietronic)
  31. Burdel by La Nueva Guardia (World)
  32. Rondando tu Esquina by La Nueva Guardia (Slow)
  33. Yira Yira by La Nueva Guardia (Pop)
  34. Landscape by March Rosetta (New Wave)
  35. Second Coming by NGC 1365 (Indietronic)
  36. Saft by K.I.R. (Progressive House)
  37. delirious by alkor (Electronic)
  38. last broadcast by younnat (Exotica)
  39. Bevor Du gehst by Trondheim (Indietronic)
  40. Day by day by Cantaloup (Minimal Pop)
  41. Sad Robot by Pornophonique (Pop)
  42. tio by lillehorn (Deep House)
  43. Stand and Bleed by Chromatron (Electronic)
  44. Lluvia de Truenos by Francisco Pinto (Pop)
  45. No Way Out by Melmono (Eurodisco)
  46. M.P.M.P.S.S.M by U.M.M. (EBM)
  47. Mulher da Vida by U.M.M. (EBM)
  48. Triangle by Francisco Pinto (Electro)
  49. Savasana by Trills (Organitronic)
  50. You're Not Going Anywhere by Brad Sucks (Pop)
  51. Gimme by Christine (Pop)
  52. Breathe by Hol Baumann (Downtempo)
  53. Uma tarde inteira by Jan Felipe (Pop)
  54. Quelques souvenirs by Jan Felipe (Minimal Pop)
  55. Samurai Showdown by Disrupt (Reggae)
  56. Orange River (Netaudio 2008 Remix) by Abyssal Plains (Electronic)
  57. Don't You Fuckin Die On Me by A.R.E. Weapons (New Wave)
  58. Hello Africa by Indian Jewelry (Psychedelic)
  59. Drown by ddd (Alternative)
  60. Atup Ahnapse by Deloise feat. A Foice (Psychedelic)
  61. New Way Of Life by Astroboyz (Electronic)
  62. Poem by Beitegeuze (Sad Electronics)
  63. Theme by Beitegeuze (Sad Electronics)
  64. Rearview Mirror (Telafonica Version) by Craven Canary (Electro)
  65. (That's Just) The Way I Feel (Instrumental) by Js.One (Funk)
  66. Subatomic Zoo by The Resonance Association (Post Rock)
  67. The Moment Has Passed by The Resonance Association (Post Rock)
  68. The Beach (Xiom Reconstruction) by Esse (Microhouse)
  69. My Daydream by AY (IDM)
  70. Spring by Equand (Deep House)
  71. Release by NubiS (Deep House)
  72. White Powder by Herotyc (Deep House)
  73. Black Ft Morbid Monja by ENV(itre) (Glitch)
  74. Frostbite by Aerotake (Organitronic)
  75. The Dream Pod by He-Lux (Chill out)
  76. Everything That Counts by Lucky Misu (Pop)
  77. Grand 5 by Apes on Tapes (Glitch)
  78. Avalon by DraCo (World)
  79. Herons Are Mellow by Daniel Maze (Lounge)
  80. Sooner or Later (Featuring Christina Courtin) by Amanyth (Pop)
  81. Miranda July by allthatfall (Indietronic)
  82. I Need You To Stop Needing The Love That We Made Together by Fell (Downtempo)
  83. Seeking by Monk Turner (Minimal Pop)
  84. Signal to Noise by Please (Pop)
  85. lost in thought by mica (Deep House)
  86. Out Moon (Of) by Ad.R (Glitch)
  87. chorda rex by Audacious Clay (Electronic)
  88. a-rhytmizitæt by funkenstrøm (Deep House)
  89. Marzipan Remix by Azoora (Pop)
  90. Hello Floppy by Rudebot (Pop)
  91. Meteor by Asteroid killer (Electro)
  92. When I'm dead (Feat Kristin Ahlin) by Plattform 13 (Chill out)
  93. alea (alex nevsky remix) by ocralab (Deep House)
  94. Miercoles Please Remix by La Nueva División (Pop)
  95. Absolutement abdominable by Platform (Lounge)
  96. Mr.Sven by TKY (Microhouse)
  97. IDCHOPPERS (Craig McWhinney Remix) by Seb Steimel (Progressive House)
  98. Mumbai by Nicolas Ovalle (Deep House)
  99. prologue by entertainment for the braindead (Indietronic)
  100. colours by entertainment for the braindead (Folk)