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Serein netlabel


Dutch 'Radio 6' show 'Folio' (Highlights of Ambient/Electronic releases ) did last week a special about netlabel Serein.
Serein speciality is electro-acoustic, ambient and soft experimental music.

Here are a few of my favorites:
all things begin where others end - Muhr [ser001] We Are Desolved
Caterwaul - Herzog [ser002] The Autumn Parade
bellwether iii - Herzog [ser002] The Autumn Parade
odate in harmonics - huw roberts [ser004] Tracks in the snow
These roads are ribbons in the countryside - Herzog [ser005] This time we're infinite
enamel - 1000 Hours of Staring [ser006] Co-operative Thread
unrest unsave ft. sepia hours - Neuf Meuf [ser009] [12rec.031] It's Cold in Space
kyoto - Nest [ser013] Nest
cad goddeu - Nest [ser013] Nest