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porn music for the masses


i choose this title, not because it's the subtitle of one of the most downloaded netlabel issues "Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka 1 [csr049]" (146153 downloads untill today),
not because this title refers to these provoking titles/names on it:
Baise et Rebaise Moi - Lubna Lux
Brainwank (Psycho Foo Edit) - Colektro
Gloria - Pearls of Joy
Half An Hour Is For Free - The Devil In Miss Jones (featuring Fats Bob Trumpet)
Hatesex - Mr. Juno
Ici la Femme (XXX Mix) Louise Vertigo - The Lounge King
It Was A Dream - Ton Rückert
The Love God - Martinibomb
The Porn King - The Funky Filter
Silk And Sweat - Thybbuk
Take Me Now! - Nick Chapman
Vuluke Khall (Instrumental Version) - DJ Bootsie
Whose Fantasy Is This, Anyways? - Mr Melvis (featuring R. Stevie Moore and Ms. Demeanor)
not because there's a call for submission for a second edition of this album with the same subtitle, hosted by WM Recordings,
not because the brain behind this initiative is the late, naughty netlabel Comfort Stand Recordings with other outstanding compilations,
but just to attract a few more visitors ...