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troubles @ IA


Last three months everybody experienced problems when one tried to visit the webpages and tried to down/upload stuff, and there were also issues with the counter. You can read more about the troubles and the solution here, also expect these problems to last till half february:

"1) we've been switching to a "should be faster" http backend server on some of our machines. that's making updating download counts a bit trickier until we finish (soon!) the parsing code.

2) we had a lot of server upgrades we had to do unscheduled, right around thanksgiving.

3) we are upgrading our "fleet" of servers to a new OS. that has caused some stability issues as we've had to sort out some issues only seen under heavy load.

4) we've *massively* upp-ed our bandwidth. so suddenly some servers are serving out "hot" items so fast they are swamping servers temporarily until we can get to it. this plus the faster http server in 40 of our most recent nodes mean some items are ruining the fun for the rest for periods of time.

5) holidays -- we are shortstaffed. it's a holiday weekend and i'm writing this from boston! (nuff said ;-) "

Still, we thank the IA for being here and serving as mothership for a lot of netlabels!