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Scorpio-DJ contest


The winner of the Scorpio-DJ contest in cooperation with 'het Depot' and 'Kulturama' has been announced. The jury chose the mix of pq(prime) with his own minimal and progressive house tracks as the winning mix.
Normally pq(prime) would have performed live as part of ‘Netwaves live‘ at the Kulturama festival in Leuven (Belgium), but unfortunately he had other musical obligations. Instead of the winner, we welcome other two participants of the contest: and Pleksi & Kronoz.

As promised, you can find the release on the famous mix-netlabel Sonic Walker. We would like to thank Sonic a lot for the hosting and releasing.

more about pq(prime):

Download the mix here.

Fashion Girls (0-2:40)
From now on, we are Elvis (2:40-6:24)
Sometimes she tells me a f** up story (6:24-9:40)
Is she worth it? (9:40-18:24)
Fashion Girls #smartmix# (18:24-20:23)