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Music for microwaves


Jspr presents the fifth recipe of the Netwaves BPM cookbook. A radioactive dinner for two, filled with analog beats and digital bleeps. From the clicks & clacks of Tinitus feat. Willow to the electric popsounds of Monomatik, this meal will make your ears go hungry for more. Warning: [nws.bpm005] may contain electricity!

Download or listen to [nws.bpm005] Music for microwaves.

foto: "CD Fireworks" by ian boyd. cc:by-nc


01. Ping Pong Andino - Tinitus feat. Willow
02. Computer Machen Einsam - Nils Hoffmann
03. By Night - Wahn
04. Sonic Line - Aquilone
05. Settetrenta - Phooka
06. Aero - Sr. Click
07. Ready Bill, Ready John - Cyclotron
08. The one with the straight bass - Monomatik
09. FB-01_#2 - Christian Björklund
10. Plankton Dub - 82nd ave
11. Chica Hermosa (Robok Mix) - Rolancho
12. 0000001' - Machine Drum
13. Evidence - Humeka
14. The one where everybody joins in - Monomatik