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This blog starts with news about the electrobel newsletter. Starting with this month's edition, I will write the electrobel newsletter from now on, in cooperation with Zark. We will try to promote every event including Electrobel artists, VJ crews and so on. This also opens the door to some cross-promotion with Netlabelism. proudly presents its official compilation "'s 130", that gathers 14 mixed tracks signed by several artists from the Italian electro-dancefloor scene. The mix, that has been split in tracks, is complete with artwork and printable CD graphic. thanks Zark, Electrobel.netlabel, IceSun, Silvano Baccoli, Radiolitica, Creative Commons, artists for their awesome support and LaMar Art Studio for the graphic design. The word is out !!!!

Electrobel artist Despoilah just released his first internet release on Kapotte Radio Records ... It’s a full album entitled ‘Pleasure and Pain‘. An energetic album, in real Despo – style, meaning hard beats, hypnotising rhytms with a sauce of distortion, but still with room for some sensitive input ... Give your support to our talented breakcore wizard and download this release NOW, you won’t regret it ...

To wrap this edition up, another interesting release is announced :
Taxidermists' LP "Seconde Peau" is on line for you to download. It contains 14 tracks (192 kbps VBR HQ). The mp3 files are fully tagged (title, artist, style, number and an image for each track). It is divided in two zip files, one for each side of the LP.
Download side A.
Download side B.

This concludes the second blog here on Netlabelism, you can expect part 3 in a week or 2 ...

End of transmisson ...


New internet release from

New internet release from net-label H-A-Z-E.
VESICATORIA - Self-Destructing Mechanism [#008]

Vesicatoria – dark-ambient project from Belarus.
Track list:
1. Eye-Socket Of Pain
2. Forgotten Land
3. Self-Destructing Mechanism
4. V- 3235
5. War Machine
6. Untitled

Download here