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Netwaves live v.0.2 [nwsl002]


Smart electronics for a new sharing world.

De line-up voor de tweede editie:

- @@urk (netlabel dj)
- filmjölk (live)
- amorph (live)
- quioui (live)

@ het Depot (foyer)
vrijdag 23 februari
deuren 20u
inkom gratis
zie ook het Depot program.
Het Depot ligt hier.

Amorph heeft een fysische CD uit en filmjölk gaat er eentje uitbrengen (Netwaves heeft de primeur op het concert), allebei op Heldernacht Records. Amorph vind je ook op de brandnieuwe "Statement of Purpose" van het netlabel Xynthetic. Filmjölk vind je terug op het eveneens gloednieuwe "Porträt" van het even gloednieuw belgisch netlabel tripostal.

Artiesten die willen optreden op een van de volgende concerten vullen het contact-formulier in.

Met dank aan het Depot en de (electrobel-)artiesten.

Bekijk de kalender (Google).

nice new initiative


Six netlabels (Digital Kunstrasen (DE), Electroreptil (DE), Musicartistry (DE), DoBox Recordings (US), Random Access Recordings (US) and Seedsound (CA)) have co-released the compilation 'Globalization'. Though this was quite an effort, the release is a bit disappointing: the only names we remember are Ben Crea and Pantherklub. A missed chance ...

Bevlar quits the scene


After 3 years Daniel Lindeberg decides to close his Bevlar netlabel. We will remember the swedish Bevlar for its releases in the direction of 'better' House, Eurodisco, Disco Nouveau, ...
Netlabelism recommends these 25 not to be missed dancefloor classics + also watch the funny "Marathon" movie in the left block:

Krafter Dub - Daniel Lindeberg
Saturday Night (Rasmus Edit) - Stocker
Dare Me (Make Your Move) - Daniel Lindeberg
Spalding (Adjuster Remix) - Doubleheader
Spalding (Bippy Remix) - Doubleheader
Muscle Man -Dedacia
Stay (Cryo Remix) - Stocker feat Tony Wednesdays
Stay (Edit) - Stocker feat Tony Wednesdays
Hollywood (Cryo Remix) - Rasmus
Padded Shoulders Marathon (edit) - Dumb Dan
New Clicky (Dumb Dan Remix) - On An Ocean Amp
Beauty Glows - Dan & Moe
Mort D'un Amant (Dumb Dan Remix) - Kassette
Over His Heart - The Adjuster
Bloody Mary - Oezguer Can & Dumb Dan
Bloody Mary (Cryo Remix) - Oezguer Can & Dumb Dan
Bloody Mary (Kontraform Reconstruction Edit) - Özgür Can & Dumb Dan
You're A User - Beverly and Larry
Afterdawn - Mr. Slide
Buffalo - The Adjuster
Dumb Funk - Dumb Dan
Gimme - Dennis
Grus - Nattvaktaren
Musicbox Stairs - The Adjuster
Radio Rental - DJ Hellbent & Dumb Dan

new Netwaves 15 online


Netwaves 15: Netwaves live @ het Depot v.0.1 [nws015].
This episode is about our first live concert @ het Depot, the music forum of Leuven, Belgium. It features music and interviews of Green Things, S-Cape, Stakha and Harry Poppins, all electrobel artists.

c hear s!

the Best Media in Life is Free


Under this title Ficbot is blogging on her site about all things Creative Commons and public domain, e.g. try these free language courses.

Netwaves live v.0.1 [nwsl001]


De opkomst had wat beter gekund, wat niet van de muziek kan gezegd, die was super. Netwaves live versie 0.1 is een feit, en versie 0.2 is onderweg. Noteer alvast 23 februari voor de volgende editie.



Jan from Netwaves went to Den Haag to meet and talk with Marco Raaphorst, a CC-specialist and much more. It was a very interesting and long conversation. You will be able to hear it in Netwaves on 5 february. By the way, read Marco's blog (in dutch) where he also blogged on the interview.

Van Marco Raaphorst

DIY or die: netlabels liberate music


Found a nice article about netlabels in MetOnline, a student-produced online newspaper (Denver, US).

groetjes uit A'pen

De enthousiaste mensen van het programma Webgang van Radio Centraal - die al voor de 2de maal op bezoek waren in Leuven - bedanken we voor de extra reklame voor onze aktiviteiten.


the new trend ... become a friend!


join the Netwaves group @, the new hot spot on the www after an article in the Financial Times. While you're there, you can also subscribe to these other groups dedicated to netlabels.

And don't forget the ugly but inevitable ;-)

C hear s!

sonic candy


An easy and attractive way to start with netlabels is to download mixes. Pluck and play the newest mix by Sonic Walker: Netcandy 2: Let’s Break

new kid on the blog


Via the CC blog - where netlabelism/netwaves was blogged today :-) - i discovered the existence of ccNeLas.

NeLas started to blog with the same reasons as me: "Since I've been listening to excellent songs published under Creative Commons licenses, I decided to create this music blog and promote these artists. So, ccNeLaS is my personal selection of songs, organized by genres!"
Earlier today, I encountered another interesting project: CCHits, a social website with an interactive chart of Creative Commons music. I tried to add a song (Tape Tum), but i found it a kind of taking too much time. Just try it yourself (membership!) and leave a comment.

Igloo Magazine: Net.Labels


new link added at the 'links/literature' dpt.: it points to an old article in 'Igloo Magazine' about netlabels and with some recommendations by its author, Michael Upton.

views and reviews > thierry massard


new entry added at the 'links - blog' part. Apparently Thierry is a busy bee: more than 100 reviews of netlabel releases in 1 year ...

Marco Raaphorst Interview


Next week Jan from Netwaves will visit Den Haag and talk with Creative Commons-expert and musician Marco Raaphorst. If people have specific questions for Marco, put them in a reaction here, I will take them with me.

The interview will be broadcasted on 29 January or if something comes between, on 5 february.